Serve Your Customer Professionally and Efficiently

Decrease time-to-sale by as much as 50% when using the Purple Go iPad App for all your sales



Easily track your store's inventory with our pre-populated product database of 10,000s of products.

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Assisted Selling

Help customers find products by showing high quality product images, similar products, and product details on an iPad.

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Quickly calculate and show lens options and insurance pricing to customers.


Track customer and order information automatically to streamline and improve service.

Streamlined inventory management

Accurately track inventory without manual data entry - just search and add on an iPad you can carry around the store. Product images and detailed metadata make it easy to find what you are looking for, and our growing database of 100's of brands and 10,000's of products mean that we have your products covered.

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Assisted selling

Accelerate the sales process with advanced product data at your staff's fingertips. Easily show customers detailed product information, high quality images, and prices on the iPad. Navigate your inventory by searching brands by color, model, and style, whether items are in-stock or available to order. Help narrow choices with side-by-side comparisons of frames they like most, and quickly send followup emails with product images and metadata included.

Product customizer

The product customizer allows fast selection of custom lens options with automatically-calculated insurance pricing for all major providers.  The interface is easy for staff to use during sale and designed to quickly explain product options and provide transparent prices to customers. It is flexible for adding order notes and discounts and customizable for each business.

Customer profile

The Purple Go app logs data continually so orders and inventory are automatically tracked, and customer browsing and purchase history are easy to find. Make it easier to know what customers need, and use analytics data to improve your store.