Purple Go For Optical Retailers

Purple Go for Optical Retailers enables stores to reach customers and make sales more effectively.

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Purple Go

Rapidly deploy and easily maintain advanced end-to-end omnichannel, preconfigured to drive engagement and conversions. Purple Go provides world class managed software infrastructure to businesses at every stage of growth.


Drive customer engagement and sales

Connect in-store and online sales channels seamlessly to build a better customer experience and maximize conversions.

Develop rich data at every touchpoint

Automatically generate meaningful data, whether in-store or online, to build a centralized 360-degree view of the customer.

Do more and manage less

Reduce operational complexity and staff workload with a managed platform that simplifies and automates crucial tasks.

How It Works

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Managed customer and product databases

Purple Go ingests and structures rich data from multiple sources and then continually builds customer-product relationships based on observed customer interactions.

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In-Store mobile app

Sales associates use the data to assist the sales process and communicate effectively to customers with an intuitive iPad app. Products the customer tries on are logged and can be purchased online easily at a later point.

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Integrated online marketing tools

Customers are retargeted with personalized email campaigns that link directly into website plugins that drive purchases and online-to-store conversions. Conversions are automatically attributed and easily tracked with a straightforward analytics dashboard.

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API integrations

Purple Go connects to existing software infrastructure to streamline deployment and keep data consistently updated across systems.